:::Minimum charge for any calligraphy order is $50:::

Outer envelopes only: $3.00 each (3 lines, including zip on separate line. Additional lines, add 75 cents per line)

Inner envelopes: 0.75 per line

Return address: $2.50 each

Dark, Lined, or extra thick envelopes, please add 0.75 per envelope.

Ink colors other than black, please add $0.25 per envelope.

Metallic colors, please add $0.50 per envelope

Place cards: $2.00 each

Escort cards: $2.00 each

Table numbers: $2.50 each


                                                            Stuffing, stamping, and sealing invitations: $0.75 per set**

**This price doesn’t include stamps. Client must provide stamps with the envelopes. If you are unsure of the amount of postage for your complete invitation set , please take to the post office for weighing to ensure proper postage for each invite is provided.



For pricing on invitations, menus, and other items not listed here, please contact us.