:::Envelope Calligraphy Orders:::



Once you have decided you’d like to use Calligraphy by Betsy's services, we will need a few things from you:




  • If the time frame is open for your order, we will need a $40.00 deposit to hold your spot in our work calendar. This deposit is non refundable and will be deducted off your final bill.


  • All paper goods are to be provided by you and we ask that you provide 20% EXTRA due to any ink blotches or human errors. (yes, they do happen unfortunately). All unused paper goods will be returned.


  • For envelope addressing: We will need a list of names and/or addresses TYPED and in regular address layout/not straight across, (no hand written lists, please!) and in the exact format in which you would like us to use. For example: Mr. vs Mister, Ave. vs Avenue, Doctor vs Dr., etc.

Once we have received the list, we will follow it word for word as it is spelled and formatted on the list. You may want to have another person proofread prior to sending this list to us, the last thing anyone wants is a mistake on the first impression of your event!


  • We ask for a 1 week per 100 envelope time frame, so please make sure you book your spot accordingly to ensure your order is complete in time.  If ALL required items are not received in the appropriate time frame prior to the date you would like them completed, a $75 rush fee will be added to your final bill. These items include, but are not limited to: all paper products, plus the required extra; address list or copy of what you want written in calligraphy; contract; down payment.


  • We require a signed contract for services that must be filled out and sent back to us before we start on any order. We will send this contract via e-mail and we ask that you please return the signed contract back to us when sending your paper products. We will not begin any order without this.


  • You will not receive the complete and finished order until the final bill is paid in full.


  • You will be responsible for all shipping charges (to and from us). Although we package your items with care and take precautions to ensure safety, Calligraphy by Betsy is not responsible for any damages after we have left your product(s) to ship.


  • Mistakes and errors: If the calligrapher is responsible for any mistakes, the mistake will be corrected and sent back at no charge. If the error is that of the client’s, you will be charged for each extra envelope or billed again for the calligraphy work and any shipping charges. (including vows, poems, etc) Whichever applies to your order. On envelope orders, we highly recommend the calligrapher holding extra envelopes until the envelopes are mailed and there are no other addresses to be added and no known errors.


  • All orders are billed through Paypal.com. This is a secure site and the client can pay with debit, credit card, or check/checking account.


  •  Please note if paying by check /checking account on Paypal.com: there will be a few days before the payment goes through while Paypal verifies payment, which can delay shipment.


Thank you for considering Calligraphy by Betsy! We strive for each client’s satisfaction in the complete product and our services. We look forward to working with you! Please contact us at any time if you have any questions.