Betsy Mealer, lettering artist and designer behind Calligraphy by Betsy:


"After spending most of my childhood dreaming about becoming an artist, I grew up, went to school, got married, had babies, and became a...(drumroll)...nurse. While nursing was fulfilling in many ways, a part of me always felt that there was something else that I should be doing. The feeling that I'm late for something that I couldn't figure out, at a place that I couldn't find. I have always enjoyed creating artisitic lettering. One day, while on maternity leave, I was perusing Pinterest for beautiful calligraphy instead of doing laundry and it hit me: Calligraphy was the thing. The passion I've always had but could never put my finger on. I took the hard road, as I sometimes do, and taught myself the art of calligraphy without ever taking a class or cracking a book. It was a long, winding road but I finally ended up at my destination (or destiny): Calligraphy by Betsy (previously Anchor Port Calligraphy).


Now I am happily surrounded by art supplies, lovely paper, inks and watercolors. I've traded in scrubs and lab paperwork for ink covered hands and bouncing, excited bride-to-bes and I could not be more full of joy because of it! I love every minute of working with clients to design and create beautiful, timeless details for some of the most important events in their lives."



Betsy lives in NW Arkansas. She serves clients worldwide.  Her work has been seen on,,,, Southern Bride Magazine, Weddings in Arkansas, The Wedding Post of Arkansas, The Fete Blog,
Also featured in print in Country Living Magazine (Dec 2016), At Home Arkansas Wedding Magazine, Arkansas Bride Magazine, and Southern Bride Magazine.

All calligraphy styles are named after real ships that launched in the 1800s.


Calligraphy by Betsy was established in 2012.